About RelOps

RelOps is a technology agnostic software development company with a focus on building infrastructure that runs smoothly. We produce bespoke software and deliver it so that it just works. We value robustness and believe in simple building blocks that result in applications you can reason with.

We start out by choosing the right tools for the job. We look to see if the wheel has been invented before. If not, we write the code. We automate our roll outs. We split things into parts so that we can roll them out indivdually. We provide easy ways to monitor our systems in order to find out what they are up to.

Over many projects, we’ll get annoyed by having to repeat ourselves. In this case, we create libraries that we open source, or products that can solve common problems.


Ben Hood

Ben Hood is the founder of RelOps. He’s a polyglot developer with 15 years of custom software development experience. He doesn’t care what technology he needs to use, as long as it works. He has worked in many different industries including finance, trading, aviation, insurance and telecoms. He has built products, most notably being part of the founding RabbitMQ team.

Brand Values

RelOps identifies itself by the following ethos: