Operational Reliance

RelOps develops bespoke software that is designed to be operated in an efficient and reliable fashion.

Our goal is to build and deliver systems that preserve operational sanity. We believe the clarity of a system as a whole is more important than any of the moving parts it is made up of.

We also build products and open source libraries to provide reuseable solutions for the problems that we've come across more than once.

We draw on many years experience of having built applications for the finance, trading, insurance, telecoms, logistics and aviation industries. This includes experience in the following areas:

  • Development of bespoke components on many different platforms (Java/Scala, .NET, Go, Erlang, Python, Ruby, C)
  • Devops with Linux, Windows, BSD and Solaris
  • System rollout, migration and evolution using the latest orchestration tools
  • Design, implementation and operation of both SQL and non-SQL databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Cassandra and Redis amongst many others
  • Database partitioning
  • Data analytics using OLAP and map reduce techniques
  • Cloud based operations on platforms including AWS, Heroku and others
  • Event driven architectures using messaging including RabbitMQ, MQ Series, ActiveMQ, and others
  • Network and firewall design
  • Flow control strategy and implementation
  • Real time system and application metrics capture, aggregation and analysis
  • Performance profiling of applications and systems
  • Automated integration testing and parallel run strategies
  • Distributed application reconciliation
  • Security design and integration with organization infrastructure such as LDAP, Active Directory, RADIUS, PKI
  • Good old fashioned system administration